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Program Of Work

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Where Business Peaks


Goal #1  Inform and educate current and future business about FBLA benefits.



Reach out at FLC.


1. Last hour of day be FBLA specific
2. Assist FOCUS presenters

3. Specific invitation to LEADS

Inform with newsletters.


1. NLC wrap up
2. FLC wrap up (Snowball Campaign and competitive event practice)
3. LEADS, chapter news, leadership skills wrap up
4. SLC tips

Offer local officer training through LEADS.

1.Set dates (October 23, 24, 30 or 31)
2. Pick topic to present

Implement social media campaign.

1. See social media campaign goal

Goal #2. Develop a consistent social media campaign.



Spotlight FBLA interviews through interviews.


1. Develop questions
2. Interview at NLC, FLC, and LEADS
3. Distribute on social media (Facebook and Instagram)

Create and utilize Snapchat Group Story.


1. Learn Snapchat Group Story
2. Create Group Story
3. Promote Group Story
4. Use for major events

Print social media cards.

1. Create card
2. Order card
3. Distribute cards

Use calendar to plan campaign.

1. Set topic for campaign
2. Finalize from input from Kari

Meet with Kari Ekins for tips.

1. Follow up after meeting

Goal #3.  Develop a recruitment campaign.



Build a Recruitment Tool Resource Center.


     1. Order form for Wyoming FBLA products
2. List of recruitment ideas

Contact principals.

     1. Create presentation
2. Make phone calls and ask for meeting

Give membership incentive at FLC.

     1. Light up pens.
2. Pack with bags the night before

Ask for dues to be paid before LEADS and other Wyoming FBLA activities

     1. LEADS paid by October 15
2. Promote monthly dues submission with advisers

Continue Snowball Campaign and promote Super Sweeps

     1. NLC script
2. LEADS topic and recruitment tool

Increase membership by 5%

     1. Implement all of the above